Employment Tribunals

The Employment Tribunals are an independent judicial body established to resolve disputes between employers and employees over employment rights.



The Employment Tribunal process is intended to be accessible to people without specialist knowledge, and many individuals do represent themselves but the law itself and the process is not straightforward. Many claimants prefer to have representation if they can, and in most cases, representation will improve their chances of a successful outcome. We can represent you at Employment Tribunals and throughout the process.

  • Unfair Dismissal
  • Discrimination
  • TUPE
  • Multi-claims

In most unfair dismissal claims, the Employment Tribunal must receive your claim within 3 months, from the date your employment ended. Before lodging an Employment Tribunal claim, ACAS must be notified first and this can be done through Early Conciliation.

  • Settlement Negotiations
  • Early conciliation

Experience shows that resolving a dispute through conciliation can be faster, cheaper and less stressful than going to the Employment Tribunal. However, in some cases Early Conciliation will not resolve the dispute the claim will then proceed to the Employment Tribunal.

  • Lodging a claim
  • Case management directions
  • Disclosure
  • Hearings

Our specialist employment lawyers are experienced at managing Employment Tribunal claims and will provide you with an Early Case Assessment to provide a realistic assessment of your claim, including prospects of success and costs.  We will also use our experience in this area to provide you with strategic advice to ensure the best possible outcome for you.