Employment Status

The employment status of an individual is important. Their status determines the legal rights that they have and the provisions that need to be put in place to protect a business.



The status of an individual affects their entitlement in many ways:

  • The right to bring unfair dismissal claims
  • Entitlement to redundancy pay
  • Family friendly rights
  • Their notice periods
  • How much annual leave they are entitled to
  • Pension rights

Sometimes it may be obvious whether an individual is an employee, self-employed or a casual worker. This is not always the case. For example if an individual has a written contract which states they are self-employed, this does not mean that that they are actually self-employed. Legally they could be an employee depending on the day to day reality of the relationship suggests differently.

We provide advice to ensure you know the employment status of individuals, and whether they are:

  • Employees
  • Employee shareholders
  • Workers
  • Office holders
  • Self employed