Employment Contracts, Policies & Handbooks

Clear and fair documentation is the bedrock of good employment practice. Without it, employees may be unsure about what’s expected of them at work and employers can run into difficulties when problems arise.



Employment Contracts

Policy documents

Employee Handbooks

Employment Contracts

By law, all employees are entitled to a written statement setting out the particulars of employment.  The statement has to be supplied within 2 months of the start of employment.  Any changes during employment have to be notified within 1 month.

Policy Documents

Even the smallest employer needs to have a grievance and disciplinary policy. Having additional policies in place however, for example, governing the use of IT equipment and sickness reporting procedures, makes the standards expected of employees clear.

These policies will assist you to ensure the smooth running of your business, and make situations where you need to address employee behaviour or conduct much easier to manage.

Staff Handbooks

We can revise, adapt or draft policies for you based on the needs of your business.  We can also help you with drafting communications to your workforce to introduce a revised or new handbook and ensure the buy-in of your employees.

Document Reviews

We can conduct a review of any contracts and policies you currently have in place. We will assess the level of business protection your existing contracts and policies offer and provide recommendations on areas for improvement.